Ctrl + A Shortcut Inconsistent Behavior

When bringing Explorer window into focus by clicking somewhere within it, pressing Ctrl + A will select all instances contained within; however, using Ctrl + A with the Studio viewport in focus neglects to select a plethora of object classes. Below is a chunk of code that acts as a list of faulty classes and inserts all of them into the workspace

local classes = {"AirController","Animation","AnimationController","Atmosphere","Beam","BindableEvent","BindableFunction","BlockMesh","BloomEffect","BlurEffect","BodyColors","BoolValue","BrickColorValue","BuoyancySensor","Camera","CFrameValue","CharacterMesh","ChorusSoundEffect","ClimbController","Clouds","Color3Value","ColorCorrectionEffect","CompressorSoundEffect","Configuration","ControllerPartSensor","DepthOfFieldEffect","Dialog","DialogChoice","DistortionSoundEffect","EchoSoundEffect","EqualizerSoundEffect","FaceControls","Fire","FlangeSoundEffect","Folder","ForceField","GroundController","Highlight","HumanoidDescription","IKControl","IntValue","LocalizationTable","LocalScript","MaterialVariant","ModuleScript","NoCollisionConstraint","NumberValue","ObjectValue","Pants","ParticleEmitter","PitchShiftSoundEffect","PointLight","ProximityPrompt","RayValue","RemoteEvent","RemoteFunction","ReverbSoundEffect","Script","Shirt","ShirtGraphic","Sky","Smoke","Sound","SoundGroup","Sparkles","SpecialMesh","SpotLight","SunRaysEffect","StringValue","SurfaceAppearance","SurfaceLight","SwimController","Team","Terrain","TerrainDetail","TextChannel","TextChatCommand","Trail","TremoloSoundEffect","UIAspectRatioConstraint","UICorner","UIGradient","UIGridLayout","UIListLayout","UIPadding","UIPageLayout","UIScale","UISizeConstraint","UIStroke","UITableLayout","UITextSizeConstraint","Vector3Value","WeldConstraint"}
for _,class in classes do
	if class ~= "Terrain" then


Include All Object Classes:

  1. Click anywhere inside the Explorer window
  2. Use Ctrl + A
  3. Observe that all instances are selected

Exclude Certain Object Classes:

  1. Click anywhere inside the Studio viewport
  2. Use Ctrl + A
  3. Observe that the instances listed in the code go unselected

Actual Behavior
Ctrl + A will not select certain object classes when Explorer window is not in focus.

Expected Behavior
Ctrl + A should consistently select or not select classes regardless of what is in focus.

Beta Features
3D Import gLTF Support, AI-Powered Code Completion, CSG Version 3, DragDetectors, Explorer Services Cleanup, Face Capture, IKControl Joint Constraint Support, Live Animation Creator, Material Generator, Multi-Cursor Script Editing, New Character Controller, New Text Chat Service, Notched Screen Support, Save Rig With Animation, Scale Factor For Models, Selection Improvements, Team Create Connection Indicator Rework, Terrain Editor Improvements, Upgrade Shorelines

System Information
Intel i7 @ 2.50 GHz, 16.0 GB, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1160


In studio viewport, it’s likely expected to select only “physical” objects. In explorer, it shows everything, and it makes sense for CTRL+A to be universal. This is probably intended behaviour.


We’ve filed a ticket into our internal database for this issue, and will come back as soon as we have updates!

Thanks for the report!


The two different behaviors that you are observing are intended!

The behavior you are observing for Ctrl+A in the context of non-explorer windows (specifically, the 3D viewport) is the behavior that used to be the default. As far as I’m aware, it selects all top-level renderables, so mostly Models and BaseParts whose direct parents are the workspace.

Ctrl+A in explorer widget context was introduced in the Explorer Selection and Navigation Beta earlier this year. This was aimed to allow users to select everything in the explorer in studio, rather than just the top-level renderables. It also functions differently during filter search, as it will exclusively select all filtered items.

We believe that the separation of the behaviors in their respective contexts have their purpose. If you have any suggestions for these behaviors, please feel free to go on feature requests and let us know of some potential changes!

Thank you!


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