CTRL+L behaviour for models and groups of parts

Toggling handles to move in local/world space only currently works with single parts and it would be 100000x easier to build if this was a thing.

Example: Moving this cluster to the other side:

Trying to flip it


The issue is this becomes a little difficult with parts rotated differently, it’s why things like GetModelCFrame are deprecated, and instead PrimaryParts are encouraged. What defines the local space of a group of parts?

There might be a solution but that’s one of the hurdles.

Most building plugins use either the first or last selected part to define the local space of a group of parts. Most building plugins also allow one to set a part to base the local space on, if the automatic first/last isn’t good enough.


Partially-fulfilling feature request: https://trello.com/c/yh6RE4fo/320-move-models-relative-to-primary-part

You could probably get @Seranok to expand that to include model local space for rotation instead of just movement.

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FWIW, I’m used to having “global”, “first”, and “individual”. That’d be nice to have…