CubeLight a Cube with Bones for Builders

Edit: Adeded a cube with 28 bones now you will have more points for better shaping the light.

I’ve made a simple rig for a cube that allows you to move each vertex of the cube.

I think it’s useful for builders who use this type of effect so i’m sharing it.

And since it is a rig mesh you can also create animation with it.

Basically you open the file and move the bones around to position them the way you want.

Here is the video on how to use it!

Here is the files.

CubeLight.rbxm (4,1,KB)
CubeLight_28Bones.rbxmx (47,0,KB)

After using it you select all bones and disable visible so you hide the attachment bones.
I hope you guys like it.ThinkCool


Thank you! This is gonna come in handy for me, wonder what people could do with this…

P.S really good work :+1:

Maybe in future i can make another one it with more points for more precise shape like a cave or some sort of light like that.


Vouch, really good work :stuck_out_tongue:

Updated the cube with alot more bones, good for making cave light.

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Thank you so much, this will be such a feature in a game I am working on that will attempt to feature cartoon like lighting.

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