Cuilan / Logitech | Map Design and Asset Creation


Hello, I’m just a person who built and designed places since 2007. Only recently I decided to come into the limelight and throw out a small portfolio to showcase a bit of my work. I currently do all my asset creation on this account due to personal reasons, and that my first account might get unwanted attention.


I mostly do city builds or builds involving depth and various levels of elevation.
Here is an example of a recent project, with a Fully built ship with interiors.

I take time on my builds, adding complex layers upon an already labyrinth of routes and paths, this is another city with a underground sewer systems spanning across a large metropolis.

Group/Clan forts were my previous type of builds, making maps that caters to a balance and fun fight is always a challenge.

[Weapons and vehicles aren’t out of the question, making a cool map needs a complimenting arsenal.]
(Duck Export Labs - Roblox)

Availability and Contacts

I’m generally free, but as 2020 rolls on the amount of time I have to spend on Roblox may not be the same. You can easily get to me through Roblox itself or the Devforums, I generally check on updates in a reasonable time. Payments can be discussed if accepted onto a project but a percentage is highly preferred.