Cure to Scam Spam

Ok so before you go on this is not 100% but its a really good start

I’ve been working on a way so that I can get rid of scam spam that we all see on roblox groups, just recently I finished working on a “prototype?” which proved to work extremely well while being tested in a studio group I manage.

So, what this is basically is a bot account created and managed by me this bot is in my group. Using a dedicated server I run a nodejs script which logs in the account and reads the wall 24/7 once someone posts it will read the post and pass it through some checks I’ve made to detect scam spam (simple regex :stuck_out_tongue: )

Want to see it how well it works?

Once it reads a post it’ll either delete it or leave it, either way it’ll notify us what it does in our discord group in a specified channel.

The discord channel

The group audit log

My plans for this
I’ve talked with some Dev Rel staff and I want to make this available exclusively for RBXDev to keep developer studios from being harmed by these bots, I’ll keep you guys posted as I progress with this and make it even more efficient!


Would we be able to link this system to other accounts than the one shown here?

Yes, once I get this out for everyone I’ll have a system where you provide me with an account or I will make it for you, and set it up on the target group, more on this later though.

I have a bot similar to use running on the Trade. group

it deletes:
any mention of giveaways, contests, free robux etc
any offsite links besides select approved roblox links
duplicate posts to reduce spam
multiple forms of spam have been blocked
any profanity, the roblox filter may let things we don’t want posted on our group wall, we want to keep it positive.

and a few things specific to the type of group.

the bot has always been used for the intend improve communication on the group wall, the wall before and after the bot is a huge difference, more users interacting, and a more positive vibe.

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out of curiosity, how do you run this bot? [language and host]

@zlib would most likely be able to answer that better :eyes:

JavaScript, and it’s honestly just a chrome extension running on my computer at home. I made it over two years ago and I’ve barely touched it since.

I’ll rewrite it to run in node.js soon™

Edit: thankfully I very rarely see this, but it is satisfying to see:


node.js for life (sorry php scrubs :wink:)

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php master-race for bots

:stuck_out_tongue: I have roblox bots made in both PHP and NodeJS.

However i find that if I have to make it do a task such as read the wall, NodeJS would be the go-to language imo.

Though for things like Group Rank Up, PHP is perfect.

This would make a nice crystal-lang project

I don’t think you’ll get endorsement from devrel, considering these kinds of bots lie in the grey area of Roblox rules

Another feature: spamassasin for PMs

Well, Spam assassin for PMs is very much possible but that area is a bit fragile…

In order for it to work you’d have to somehow give access to the account you want this to work on, while chrome extension can do this without needing to login or have any sort of login stuff as you’ll be logged in and all, its still a bit of a touchy topic as like you said, a lot of extensions lie about what they do.

I mean I can make it… but would you trust it [source will be open ofc]?