CuriousFahan | 3D modeler | OPEN

Hey, I’m Fahan, 17 years old and a UI/UX designer and 3D modeler here at roblox. I have been making UI for about 6 months and got into blender and modeling a month ago. I am completely self taught ( well i do watch some tutorials here and there lol) and spend most of my time developing. I have worked with many development groups and am a modeler of Slayers Rising and Infinity RPG 2. My strongest point and my most passionate zone would be 3D modeling, as i have gotten quite good at it in a small time span.

Games I've collaborated with.

3D modelling
I’m best at weapons and creature sculpts 3D modeling wise.


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I work both long term and short term commissions. For long term, i accept % and the project
MUST have compensation in case the game flops and i require an upfront payment.
My commission rates are:
3D modelling (low poly) = 1K+ robux
Low poly maps = 15K+ robux
Creature sculpts = 7K -15K robux ( depending on difficulty)

You can contact me via devforum but I much prefer discord.
Discord: Fahan#3065
If you need anything, please feel free to DM me anytime.
Have a great day!


How much do you charge per icon?

Depends on the complexity really, but not more than 500 robux for each though.

I love your work! I’m currently looking for a 3D modeler. Contact me on discord: Skylexion#1457

I’ve updated my portfolio with games i’ve collaborated with, be sure to check them out!

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Awesome ui I’ll contact u in discord

Added a TON of new weapons and body armor plus some UIs.

DMed. Make sure to DM me back and get a deal sorted out. Algorithm#7186

Hey! You should probably remove that potion from up there because it’s in a tutorial!

Just a heads up!
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i did watch this tutorial for that, is it wrong for me to put it there?

Well it’s just not something to put on your UI portfolio because you basically copied it and it isn’t your design and creativity. Its like posting on an art portfolio a page of a coloring book that you colored in. It’s just not right.

Alright, deleted it. Thanks for the suggestion haha, won’t happen again.

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hey! i am looking for a 3D modeler and UV layout person. you seem perfect for the job. please message me on discord, phorba#8385

Hey, can you show us some more of you custom characters please?

I don’t really have more, but i do plan on making more soon.

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Added more models to it, please check them out!

Your discord isn’t working, contact me at Monte#1067

I’m interested in buying a vehicle (a pickup truck) and I wanted to know if you were able to make one… It doesn’t need super detail but it has to look somewhat realistic and cartoonish at the same time.

Would you be willing to model some hats and helmets? If so, DM me here on the DevForum.