Currency Naming

I’ve seen many popular games have currencies that are named the genre of the game.

For example:
Roblox Doors: Doorknobs
Stop It Slender: Pages

These games have currencies that are named the genre of the game, Roblox doors having their currency as doorknobs, and Stop it Slender have their currency has pages, because you collect 8 pages, kind of how Slender works.

Now, what currency should I make mine? My game is a horror/survival related to SCP-096. I don’t want the currency to really be related to the SCP foundation, but if you were to give me hints, that’d be greatly appreciated.


Being realistic “dollars” would match the best to the game to simulate a realism of horror attached to the game, and dollars is the most commonly used currency when speaking about money. I know I’m not answering your question but I believe that’d be the best route-of-choice; you don’t always have to have a specific name for your currency.


But I want to have a specific name.

And it’s not a progress game, it’s really kind of game where you have some people in-game, to get teleported into a round to try to escape. To escape, you need to fix the computers to open the metal gate.


Considering your preference for a specific name and the game’s focus on computers, I recommend using a tech/computer-related currency. For example you could collect “computer scraps” , however that would only really make sense if the things you were buying with them were tech related as well. What do you plan to do with your currency?


Unlike a few games, I’ll be using the currency for perks to be used by players.

Perks like “extra stanima”, “sixth sense” and other useful ones, with a maximum equipped amount of only three.

And to be more specific, the goal is to find the 3 or 5 computers, and then make them all power up a metal gate, to then escape through, whilst avoiding SCP-096.

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Canonically the SCP foundation is using real world money, so whichever currency the country uses your game is situated in if you want to be realistic.

I mentioned before I didn’t want the currency to be solely based on the SCP foundation.

I also said that to escape you need to find computers to open a metal gate. What’s a currency based on computers a person can hold? A computer scrap? A CPU? I don’t know!


Maybe some sort of data pieces required to open the gate? Or just get hold of a keycard that can open the gate?

The map isn’t always going to be the SCP foundation, so a keycard wouldn’t work.

I want the objective to be finding and fixing the 5 computers scattered around the map, but I’m not sure what currency name I should use relating to that objective.

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If the gate to the final exit requires some computer components from the computers that were scattered across the map then i’d just call the currency “computer components”

No, you find 5 computers and then type for a minute or two on all of them to open the metal gate. You don’t have to rip out “computer components” from them.

“Computers Hacked”,“Computers Complete”?

Can it be something 50% currency named?


“Computer Coins”

Maybe not something very long.


Maybe something like relating to information that you’d gather from the computers. Maybe “Data” or something similar?

Here’s some ideas

  1. Circuit Fragments
  2. Digital Relics
  3. Binary Bits
  4. Code Fragments
  5. Cyber Shards
  6. Nanite Cores
  7. Voltage Tokens
  8. Algorithm Fragments
  9. Error Tokens
  10. Cryptic Code

My Personal Favourites:

  1. Shattered Memories
  2. Echoes
  3. Phantom Fragments
  4. Spectral Shards
  5. Fear Tokens
  6. Terror Threads

I like the sound of data. It’s very short and is related to computers. Can we make it sound more like money, if you know what I mean?

I’m not quite sure how I’d make it sound more like a currency, I got another similar suggest that is more measurable than just “data”. “Files” can be represented in a number way better while keeping the shortness of data and relation to computers. I’d guess you would be selling the information for the perks? Maybe something you’d be selling it to some military faction that gives you mutations or perks or something.

I like the sound of “Files”.

I’ll use this temporarily and if I really like it and I know it fits, I’ll mark you as a solution.


Or maybe “documents”?
Just another option

I think the name “Files” really fits, I can see this looking nice in the shop.

Thank you for your support, @AppzyCat.

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