Currency Purchase in Games with Extreme Progression

Many games allow their players to purchase the in-game currency with robux. This is something I want to include in my game, but I have an issue:

Like many other games, you progress a lot in strength (and earning potential) as you level up in my game. This means that currency purchases at the beginning of the game are OP (spending ~50 robux would give you enough gold to skip the entire first world), and in the late-game they are extremely overpriced for what you get (100 robux for same amount of gold as killing 1 enemy).

I have a few solutions, but the one I would like to ask about is effectively “scaling” the gold you get per robuck. Each world would have a different stand, giving different currency conversion rates. This means that rather than robux to gold having a strict conversion rate, it would be more like “robux to progress”, i.e. spending the same amount of robux saves you the same amount of grinding time. I am concerned however that this could be seen as unfair by players, and may not even be allowed by Roblox’s ToS. I would also give the players a warning before purchase so that they understand that other worlds will give them different rates.

I have also considered other options, like “boosts” for 1 hour of double gold and things like that, which amount to the same thing but seem a lot more fair. I would like normal currency purchases though, as their ease and simplicity make them a good monetization option IMO.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

I think temporary boosts are a better option. Boosts always feel less pay-to-win because they still require some work from the player and, because they are a multiplier or percentage, they should always scale well to the player’s progression.

You also could consider having a secondary currency with an earn rate fairly consistent throughout the whole game that is used on differant types of purchases like cosmetics or overall buffs.

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I think it’s aloud. If the player knows that there are different exchange rates than I doubt it would violate anything. The player is not ‘gambling’ or anything that would not be aloud, and they would know exactly what they are purchasing.