Currency that is shared across multiple experiences

I wish to create a currency that is shared across multiple different group experiences.

I have no experience in sharing data across multiple games at all.

I read some stuff about having to get an external database or something, but most of them were paid, and I’m not really in the circumstance to be spending money, so some… free alternatives would be appreciated.

Well, from within Roblox’s API scope. You cant. It was actually requested as a feature request a while back so pray roblox implements this because it would be amazing.

There are probably fringe ways of doing this through Google Sheets API or other weird things I’ve seen. The only way for this to be reliable is to fork up cash.

Otherwise, this is your best bet if you dont plan for this to get too big

It might be possible, it’s just a little hacky. You can do this without having to do anything external with ROBLOX. The best way is to use their TeleportService, it allows you to send data through the teleport that the server can receive. Although I’m not sure if this works across experiences. I’ll experiment with this concept once ROBLOX is up and running and tell you the results.

Just have a base game that EVERY player teleports to and back that handles saving and loading their data. That way there isn’t a way that the data can be desynced.

I have witnessed this working before at the group recruitment game where they had a new version I haven’t been on before and when joining teleported me to the classic version where it grabbed my data and transferred it over to the new game.

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