Current Streamed In Radius intermittently at 0

As per the above screenshot, the Current Streamed In Radius is set at 0 despite the Minimum being 1500 and the maximum being 3750.

This is disastrous as it causes vehicles in our game (Aeronautica - Roblox) to freeze as objects outside of the streaming range are not physically simulated (not by our design).

Worst part is that this seems to happen at random with no seemingly identifiable pattern.

This has started happening since approximately 3-4 PM EST on the 28th of July

Expected behavior

Current Streamed In Radius is not 0


Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

It appears you are using a custom replication focus, “CamFocus”. Is this a part that was replicated from the server? I’m assuming that part is being moved along with the aircraft? If so, what is causing it to move?


Are you using RequestStreamAroundAsync?


Yes CamFocus is a part on the server.

Remotes are sent from the client to the server to update its position to its current camera position.

Only when switching locations in the game menu to load objects that would not be in the immediate area, which is to say not very often.

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We’ve made a configuration change on our end. Please let us know if this issue is still occurring after an hour or so.


It seems to be resolved now.

Much appreciated.

Any idea what might have caused this to start in the first place?

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We enabled a fix for a different issue which apparently had an unintended side effect. We will investigate.


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