Current Vehicle System

Was screwing about a bit and thought I would make a system for a realistically simulated vehicle.
Here’s a full clip (this system is a bit older but it’ll do).

and here’s the current version.

This clip was just showcasing the motion blur.


Hi! motion blue is soooo cute and smoothness. But why did it the car bug into the stop sign? Was this apart of the video so i would know if that need maybe help?

I accidentally anchored the top half of the sign, it’s already fixed and like I said at the start of the video I was just too lazy to edit the video to take that part out lol

It looks quite nice, but for the current version, it seems to have the same pitch in the sound when the car turns, which is slightly weird.

I’m locked in first gear at full throttle, the wheel is spinning fully so and it doesn’t slow down at all during the drift. RPM is based on the wheel speed not the car’s velocity and the pitch is based on the RPM