Current work with Skinned Meshs BETA

Hi devs!
This is the beggining of the work of my group on working with skinned meshs.
What do you think?
Let me know!
see ya


This is amazing on a very big level

Interesting… I like how you animated the mesh and made it like a FPS game… just like Strucid. :face_with_monocle:

I didn’t know about strucid (I’m not an avid roblox player, I admit), but remember it. The difference is that in the strucid the camera is over the shoulder. The idea of my game is that the camera is about the character and that it and the torso have separate interaction from the lower part of the body.
My main inspiration is Risk of Rain 2


what you mean by the emoji?.


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I tried finding a “thinking” emoji.