(Currently Closed) adoradd1son - Experienced GFX Artist Commission Portfolio

⋅ Hello! I’m adoradd1son. I’ve been doing GFX since April of 2020 and consider myself experienced. I’ve done many orders over the past year and I hope I can help you! Below is my portfolio, payment, and contacting, and if you have any questions please feel free to ask!

⋅ I’ve previously worked for countless groups, including Flying Dance Studio (5k Members), ALDC ROBLOX (30k Members), and many others. Note that some of my work may be outdated as many of these commissions were completed a long time ago and are not to my current standard.

⋅ I may decline an order for whatever reason and will not complete an order that is offensive, inappropriate, breaks the ToS, and etc. My full set of terms may be viewed on my Commission Server, which is linked below.

⋅ Below are some examples of renders, thumbnails, and logos. Some are older than others, but these include a wide variety of my skills.

⋅ These GFX art not for sale and are just for your viewing. You are not permitted to use any of my GFX without my consent.





adore graphics school typography watermarked

main typography adoradd1son watermarked sparkletime games typography adoradd1son watermarked
mauloa summer text logo


Misc. (Ads, Portrait View, Etc.)

⋅ Prices may vary on how complex the order is, however the estimated price for each GFX / render would be close to the prices listed.

⋅ I only accept Robux and PayPal, and prefer to be paid outright, rather than in percentages. If you choose to pay with Robux, you must pay 50% outright.

⋅ You can join my Discord server to learn more about commissioning or if you have a question.

⋅ Discord Server - Adore Graphics
⋅ Roblox Group - Adore Graphics - Roblox

⋅ Thank you for reading and I hope you’ll consider commissioning! Both my Commission Server and this post are frequently updated with new GFX!


It’s a good GFX, and the style is beautifull

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Thank you, I’m glad you like them!

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Cool portfolio! Hopefully, whenever I need an experienced artist for future references, I’ll have to look you up.

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Thank you, and I hope I can help you in the future!

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Would recommend. The ordered GFX came fast and was incredibly cheap compared to the quality of it. Would 100% commission again if needed. 10/10

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