[Currently closed]Hiring Dev Team [30k+]

About Us

Hi there! Im me, I make games and stuff. if you wish to see my past projects check out My portfolio

Kinda bored and since I want to have 100% dedication to my main project with @BloxVurse I cant actually make a project myself, so im hiring people to make one :D.

The Team
@Tyfor_Dev - Project lead
@username - Scripter
@username - Builder
@username - Ui – Commission based.

About The Job

Im looking for developers to make a stereotypical story game which I will reveal more details to after you have been hired. (Please note I know approximately the workload and it is honestly not that large.)


Programmer: 15-20k
Builder: 10-15k
Ui - I will pay your rates.

This is in robux.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


May I apply for the builder job! I also can make 3D Models!

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I would like to apply for the scripter position.

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I would like to apply for the Programmer position

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I would like to apply for the Builder Position, I also have a portfolio ready to go here it is [PORTFOLIO] PhilipNordin - Building
You can contact me back on the Dev Forum or on Discord if you like I’m “Human#0806”

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I got a load of experience building for toptier front page games. Would love to find out more about the job.


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Could I apply for the builder. I make 3D models.

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I’m interested in the scripter position, my portfolio: [my youtube channel, I teach LUA] https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrZeU3yzo5uKt-BI1Bh1Xiw?

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I would like to help you with translation from English to dutch if you want it

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Will def be hooking up some translators when everything done!

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Okay let me know when you need me

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portfolios in DMs pls

Hello, I would like to apply for the UI position. Here is my portfolio: Swenzje/Portfolio - Programming | 3D Asset Creation | UI/UX Designing

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Here is my portfolio: Paciferous10 Portfolio

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