English to dutch translator

Why you should translate your game in dutch

Dutch is a language that has over 20 million native speakers! and since I started playing roblox in 2011 I have seen a lot of dutch speaking players and they are still growing. I know that dutch speakers are very good in english too but most of the players on roblox are children who are not that good in english so by translating your game to dutch would appeal many more players for your game so that means more profit! (they wouldnt buy anything in your game if they don’t understand what says…)

about me

I am 18 years old and I am from Belgium :belgium:, Right now I am in college but I still work on my own games because I see much potential in roblox. I have been evolved in big dutch communities in the past like the dutch builders

past work

I am new for translating games but I already translated my own game into dutch and french

Why I want to do it

I like to help other developers even if they are not big and by this way I also help the roblox community to understand games more. Also dutch translated games is not common on roblox so I wanna help to change it!


This can be discussed later on, I don’t care much about payment but I would appreciate it!

you can contact me here or send me a private message on discord: KingSprah#6025