Currently studying on how to use blender

It has been over 2 weeks since I started using Blender and I wanted to see you guys opinion about it
These are some of my 2 creations I’ve made so far. :slight_smile:

I soon pretend to make a portfolio if anyone is interested

(If you want, you can comment some other ideas on what I should do.)


For two weeks, this is extremely good! :clap:

You could make a T-Rex or some other animals! :paw_prints:

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Thanks, I actually had some experience on modeling in Roblox Studio so maybe that’s why I learned so fast.
Also that’s some good ideas, will for sure put that in my list.


Wow this is amazing for 2 weeks! You certainly have a bright modeling career ahead of you.

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You progressed a lot in 2 weeks! I have been using blender for a month and still cant create a window.

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Woah, While i am a builder and 3D modeller myself i have never seen someone able to make characters like this in such a short amount of time, this definitely takes a lot of skill and i am very impressed. Carry on !

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No way! Thats crazy for under 2 weeks? Is this your first time using a 3d modeling program? Either way blender is different to other programs so amazing work!

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Haha thanks.
I feel like my past 3-4 years of using unions in Roblox Studio came into practice in Blender.
: )