Cursor appearing when clicking on a message input box

Cursor appears 80% of time when tapping on message input in a default chat (it happens randomly in other situation like just by tapping somewhere on screen in a default Roblox in-game-menu). This happens in all places/games. This wasn’t happening before, I noticed this issue on November 18, 2019.

Phone: Samsung S10+
System: Android

Roblox: Up-to-date


Also sometimes the chat glitches out and it doesn’t work, meaning it doesn’t allow to input an message. And also to that it can scroll up really up like to the first message that you can’t go back to newest messages.

I have been able to find the cause of this bug.

I know I am not the best at explaining things, so bear with me here. When tapping the chat box to bring up the keyboard to type a message, the player may mess up and have to delete the message using the backspace button. Oh no, what will they do! Well, they will encounter the bug, of course! Pressing the backspace button while there is no text to remove will bring up the dreaded cursor. I believe the video below will explain in more detail what I mean.

Model: SM-A205U (a20psq)
Android: Version 9
Roblox Version: 2.415.373700

I would love to see this issue resolved in the future. I hope this new information on the issue can help! Oh and also, this issue is persistent across all Roblox games using the default chat system.

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