Cursor Position Doesn't Save When Switching Between Script Editor Tabs

I often use Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab to rapidly switch between scripts, normally when I’m referencing code as I type. Up until recently, it was possible to switch to another tab and then back without losing my cursor’s place. This allowed me to type half of a command, tab forward to check how it should be used, and then tab back and finish typing.

However, it seems that the script editor is now unfocused when the tab is changed, making it really annoying when I need to constantly go back and forth and then manually reposition the cursor with my mouse every time. I’m not sure when this started happening since I haven’t been doing much heavy programming.


  • Create two scripts. Fill one of 'em up with a bunch of junk and then place your cursor in the middle of it.
  • Switch to the other script tab with Ctrl+Tab, and then back with Ctrl+Shift+Tab.
  • Try typing. You can’t, and you have to click on the page to re-focus the script.


  • Studio version 0.430.0.404197
  • Windows 10 Pro

This bug makes it a heck of a lot more annoying to program stuff, so I’m hoping it’s an easy fix.


Thanks for reporting! This should be fixed soon.


This bug has reoccurred with the recent studio UI update (0.541.205.5410438). It’s very annoying, please fix :slight_smile:

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This bug was resolved in ~2020. If this issue is reoccurring, please file a new bug report!