Curved Conveyors

How would I make curved conveyors work? I know how to do straight conveyors but dont know where to start for curved. My builder made the curves into unions which I think is the right thing to do but I do not know.

could use archemidus plugin and clone the conveyors.

Could you just make multiple parts on the conveyor and then have each one of the parts function as a normal conveyor?
Example of what your conveyor could look like:


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Yes, I used archimedes for my example

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If i were to do that, how would I make it go the direction I want? right now i have it going in the x, y, or z direction but how would I do it at an angle?

use the conveyor’s CFrame.lookVector

pretend variable “part” is the part which is on your conveyor, and “conveyor” is your conveyor

Part.Velocity = Conveyor.CFrame.lookVector * speed

Also velocity property is deprecated. While it may cause little to no performance issues in game, I can’t recommend it. Try using one of the velocity instances (I think it would be LinearVelocity) and change the Velocity value of that instance to Conveyor.CFrame.lookVector * speed

Instead of using a new Instance, you can just change your code to this:

Part.AssemblyLinearVelocity = Part.CFrame.LookVector * speed
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