Curved Window? (Building)

Hello! I am making a underwater base and don’t build nearly as often as I script so I am confused on how I’d do this:

In the image above, I made a curved window frame using a union but I want to fill it in with glass, anyone know how to do that?

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I think there’s some sort of plugin that can curve parts. Can’t remember what it’s called but I’ll check.

Just found it.

If you upload the file i will do it for you, then you can un-union it to see how i did it… this is better than explaining it.

May i also ask how someone will enter the structure once we add the window?

So if I have this right as to what you’re doing, then:
(Cylinder1 = The Windows Frame
Cylinder2 = The Window)

Before I explain, its probably best to duplicate this and have an extra in case this doesnt work well)

Duplicate Cylinder1, and separate the frame so that it isnt a union anymore. Maybe move the NegativePart for the hole for the window frame so that it is out of your way, move it to someplace like ReplicatedStorage for now. Take the Window Frame, and duplicate it. Take the duplicated frame and scale it down to where the window will be, and where the NegativePart for the window is/will be. Now, duplicate the NegativePart that is making the hole for the entire base, and Union the NegativePart that was for the hole in the window, with the frame, along with one of the NegativeParts that were for making a hole in the entire base. Now, you want to Union the Window cylinder, (Change the transparency, colour, etc. for the window before you do this) and the other NegativePart that was for making a hole in the entire base, together. You should have the frame looking how it did in the original post, along with the window being a different part. Lastly, you want to add a part, and scale it behind the actual window, kind of like this:

Finally, union the window and the last NegativePart together, and hopefully this covers your question.
It is a quite simple thing, but is hard to explain. If theres anything you dont understand, just reply to this with the question or if I didnt answer it. :slight_smile:

I’ll try this, I had it set up so that there was a cylinder, and I negated a smaller cylinder to make an interior, and then had a rectangle to make the window frame

It worked! I kind of did what you said and it worked, thank you

Okay good! Once again, apologies about the whole instructions thing, its difficult to instruct, but easy to show, on video, which is what I should’ve done but I’m glad it worked!

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