Cushdy Cay | DevLogs #1

Hmm, I think I might give this another go.

Cushdy Cay

An island, a satisfactory island, the name says it all, a nice wee cottage on an island, a wee forest to hang out!

Past DevLogs

Here are the past devlogs! I really hope you enjoy the series, I have so far enjoyed creating this map :hugs:


Here is my progress for now!


Done a bunch of lighting settings and mucked about with it! Added blur, bloom, dof, sun rays!
It looks cool, you’ll see the lighting in the “Terrain Section” !


Hmm, the terrain looks good in my opinion lol:

Building / Modelling

Done some stuff, I made a bunch of rocks and placed them all over the map! I created a Donation Board and a Welcome Board!

Join the development server for sneak peeks!


I love it but I do not see the cottage.

also are you going to link the game?

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well it’s a wip…

Yeah, sorry let me just upload it sorry.
I’ll edit this reply and the post.

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Makes sense.
Can you add trees soon?

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Yeah! I’m still working on the trees!

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