Custom Animation mixes with player Animation

Hey there!

So iv’e managed to do everything my crouch animation needs, and i have one problem left.

As you can see from the video below, i think the player’s animation is mixing up with my custom crouch animation, so the hands are wiggling all over the place. Is there anyway i can fix this so that its just the crouch animation?


Any help would really be appreciated! :+1:

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I believe that this is all you need to do to fix it -

I might be wrong but here you go.


Either you need to set the animation priority to be higher, or you’re forgetting to animate the hands. Make sure in your animation that the hands actually have keyframes.


Thanks! That works.

Really appreciate your help! :+1:


I was going to try this method as a last resort (because i want people to have their own animations) but there was a another method.

Appreciate the help anyway! :+1:

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Make sure you mark the correct solution so people with this problem in the future can just jump to it! :slight_smile:

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I have :+1:

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Oops my bad, didn’t update on my end

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