Custom arms rig not working the way I expected

I made this custom arms rig mainly to try and animate different gestures and to be able to make more realistic weapon animations. But unfortunately the rig has this issue I’m currently dealing with. I have no idea why this is happening in the slightest.

This is how I have the bones set-up I used a plugin called RigEditor by: goro7 to make the bones.

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Make sure arm is connected to the rootpart with motor6ds and not the the rootpart connected to the arm. When you rig something, the thing you select first has the ownership over the 2nd thing you select and also the ownership over the things the 2nd part has ownership over.

When I made the rig I selected the basepart first for each arm when I connected both arms. So your saying I’ll have to select the arms first and then the base part. Also just for context the grey block in the center is my basepart.

No, i was asking of you to check if the first part is the rootpart(basepart) and if it’s connected with motor 6ds and not welds.

Yes, that’s exactly what I’ve done.

I can’t tell if this is me missing something or if this is a bug. But I could send you the file and you could take a look at it for yourself if you want.

You could try to re-rig it, and make absolutely sure everything is correct, i am not a rigging expert so that probably wouldn’t bring anyone further. Just make sure to double check everything.

I did a bit of testing and I may have a solution B) :

So basically all you gotta do is link another part as a primary part to that grey torso looking part you’re currently using as a primary part as far as I’m aware, like a HumanoidRootPart being the part you’re adding, and the part you’re currently using as a ‘Torso’ (also set the new HumRP as PrimaryPart)!

Edit: if I was too wordy, this is how the bone structure should look! The RootPart and Torso can be in the same position.

I figured it out the base part has to be the same size as the part it’s motor6D is connected to that is the absolute dumbest bug I have ever come across in my entire life. What in the world I thought it was something serious but it was the most minimal possible issue in the entire world. wow why though. Ya so it works fine now.

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