Custom Audio

I’m sure some of our games here have some sort of radio, or gui that lets us change the audio if you have the sound ID. Of course, it is not very easy at all to get said ID on the XBOX, and there’s copyright. So it’s a good idea to disallow XBOX users to purchase gamepasses that let you do so, or remove the ability.

I think allowing people on Xbox to do this probably wouldn’t be allowed because of copyright issues, but why would you want to? First the user needs to find the sound Id which they can’t do on an Xbox and then they need to input it using a controller which isn’t as easy as on PC. Seems like a bad experience in my opinion.

Yes yes I thought about that too. I’m going to disable the ability to have custom audio (using the gamepass) on XBONE systems, but I’ll keep the ability to have custom clothing from the catalog by telling them they can find some on the ROBLOX website.