Custom avatar glitching

I believe this is a building issue and not a coding issue.

I’ve been making a custom avatar (rigged, not very well but it is rigged). I’ve imported it all fine, rigging is just as terrible as I set it up in blender and I was able to get it to make that as the persons character but the problem is It like glitches and slides around the floor?

I have uploaded a video as I have no clue how well I explained it lol.

I haven’t done any animations yet just because I could do with fixing this weird building bug I have.

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I think this is caused due to the HipHeight Property, try setting it to half the height of your custom character (Ex: If your character is 8 studs tall make the hip height 4)

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Thank you, It was indeed the hip height property. I didn’t even know that was a property so no wonder I had no clue what the problem was.

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