Custom backpack gui. Auto Equip problem when die/respawn

Hey i try to use this backpack system gui:

I have obby and need this backpack working like
when someone die and respawn he still have automatic equiped item what he choose in GUI.

Can please someone repair part of this gui to working when player die?

// Edit video added

u straight want to fix your code?

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Sure. Can you fix this? You can try in your side… Last message have a url to whole gui.

Fine… i will check what i can do give me some time

In order for that part to work, you’ll need to use the died event.

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First of all, please don’t ask people to do free labor.

Second, you can store a value inside the player and then when a new character is added, you can parent the selected tool to the character.

This isn’t his code apparently, the creator has a different name.

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Yeah thats right. But how can i do that?
I need repair in this gui to be worked.

Guys. So still need help with this gui.
One programmer here tryed Xx_FROSTBITExX , but now he dont have time to finish that.

I allready scaled gui and prepared in my obby, but like i said when you die/respawn item is not equiped in your hand.

Need script to do this check your last tool what you have in hand before die and equip back.

Here video where you see tool disapeared after I dead:

Ok so I finnaly found solution:

			local tool = character:FindFirstChildWhichIsA("Tool")
			if tool then
				local clone = tool:Clone()
				clone.Parent = player.Character

But when i respawned after die tool is in hand but without animation need equip again and after work.
Someone can repair code to working tool clone?

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Do you not have somewhere where all of the tools the player has is stored and whether they are equipped or not? If so, you could just have a character added event and equip all of the tools that have their equipped bool set to true.

Can you only equip one tool at a time?

OK So Vorexted not help me with this.
So still need urgent help.

More info i can send in pm.

Thank you guys.