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I’m making a game and I’m wondering how I’d go about making a custom backpack gui, similar to games like Deepwoken or Rogue Lineage. I’m mainly confused about where in the game the objects in said backpack exist and if they are tools or something else entirely, any help is appreciated.

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Way to long to explain all this in a forum post … so;

How to Make a Custom Backpack GUI | Roblox Scripting Tutorial
How to make a CUSTOM BACKPACK GUI | Roblox Studio

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Hey, there are many ways to do a backpack ui you can either make tools or create a module for each object, in this case i would recommand using tools. When you have objects in the backpack they do not exist yet it is only when you equip an item that you clone it from the original model (usually in ReplicatedStorage) and store it under the player character if it is a tool or under a folder in the Workspace

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