Custom car chassis with custom body issue


Hello there! I have a custom car chassis (not in the library) and I am trying to add a custom body made by someone to the chassis. I have a part that has the body built inside of it, then that part is welded manually to the chassis’ VehicleSeat.
This is what happens when the body has CanCollide on:

This is what happens when the body has CanCollide off:

I have tried getting help on the Roblox Discord, and the Hidden Developers Discord, but so far I have gotten nowhere.
Thanks for any help!


It’s gonna be extremely difficult to help you without the place file but if I had to guess I’d take a look at the suspension. The car body may be too heavy to be properly supported. One solution is to make the springs have more resistance, the other solution is to change the density of the car chassis.


I can give you the model file. Do you want that?


We gotta actually have the model to help with it. It could be springs. But a visual inspection is just not gonna get you great solutions for a problem like that.

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Sorry about the bumping. Forgot it was a rule. Ill get the model uploaded.


Here is the link:


Has something to do with the weight distribution of the car.

Changed all the parts inside the “body” brick as well as the “body” brick to have 0 density (0.01)
and the car looked like this and drove “fine”

Changed more weight settings, and got the car to sit down some more, but the wheel alignment is all knocked outta place.

Got it to lay down nice and flat



Basically, I messed with the weight to make the car lighter. The alternative would’ve been making the springs more stiff, but I went with decreasing the weight instead, and the I modified the chassis by moving the tires inward towards the center of the car (towards the seats) by one stud on each end.


Thank you so much man!


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The only issue with the car is that it is pretty bumpy, but I’m sure its something either with the physics engine or the springs.