Custom Car Input

Hi there… I am making a custom vehicle input just because the VehicleSeat is really buggy. I got it working properly for PC, but now I am stuck at making it work for mobile. Here’s the code for when the touch starts moving:

function VehicleInput:_TouchMoved(inputObject, gameProccessed)
	local delta = inputObject.Delta
	local throttle = math.sign(-delta.Y)
	local steer = math.sign(delta.X)
	-- // Apply the properties:
	self.Throttle = throttle
	self.Steer = steer

Here’s the code for calling this function:

	local moveDirection = self._humanoid.MoveDirection
	if moveDirection ~= then

It doesn’t work properly, will appreciate any help, thank you for reading :slight_smile:

I am bumping this because I still need help with this, if anyone could help, thank you :smiley: