Custom celestial bodies?

The current custimization of celestial bodies is very low. You can change the sun and moon, or remove them. You can also change the number of stars. That’s it.

For a sci-fi game, wouldn’t we want multiple suns or multiple moons all orbiting at different speeds?
Is there a way to make this manually? It would be amazing to see.


I don’t think you can add custom suns or moons besides building it into the skybox, which will be static.

If you were really dedicated you could script your own orbit system and have orbiting bodies, which would just be meshes or parts rotating around (0, 0, 0) really far away.

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Sadly meshes and parts won’t render in if they’re that far away. Although you can render step position them right in front of the camera!

Agreed, it seems to be pretty ignored. For instance moon rays would also be very appreciated. Perhaps a celestial body object?

I’ll mess around with some adornments and guis to find something that could potentially work.

You need to make an illusion, which looks really big and far away, but its close enough to render and small enough not to fill the sky. Rendering them in front of your camera means they’ll always be on top of everything, which is obviously not wanted.

Woops yeah forgot that point. Mhmm, it seems impractical to do it with objects.

Its really the only way you can right now, and it gives you lots more customizability too. This video by Sebastian Lague shows off how he made a sun and moon with orbits similar to real life, making things like moon phases possible. Its a pretty good video if you are interested in it: Trying to Improve My Geography Game with More Real-World Data - YouTube

I figured out what to do. Custom celestial bodies can be done by making a part with a BillboardGui. If the part is updated to be the right distance from the player (1000-4000) every frame, then it will always be rendered while still appearing to be very far away. Then the billboardGui just needs to be large enough with the correct image. This has to be done on the client to work.

I made a small proof of concept script here:
Custom_Celestial_Bodies.rbxm (6.0 KB)