Custom character animations not finishing or playing at all in ViewportFrame

Hello developers, in an attempt to animate a custom character in Viewportframe for display in a class choosing menu, I’m loading the idle animation for these characters properly but they show different behaviour every time I test which is: Not playing at all or play a single frame then pause

Yes I am using WorldModel for these and using Animator to load them properly

Example here one the characters while playing stuck on this frame, when it’s supposed to be doing a running animation:



local VPF = script.Parent
local WorldModel = VPF:WaitForChild("WorldModel")
local Knight = WorldModel:WaitForChild("Knight")
local Humanoid = Knight:WaitForChild("Humanoid")
local Animator = Humanoid:WaitForChild("Animator")
local Animation = Knight:WaitForChild("Walk")
local Track = Animator:LoadAnimation(Animation)

Any idea what’s the cause of this behaviour?

That’s what I’m doing currently and I’m on the correct path for the heirarchy

I’ve seen your reply when you posted it and forgot to reply, this is a character the parts are all okay and it’s not a matter of being anchored or not

Hey, the animator may not be loaded in the humanoid yet, the animator only loads in the humanoid when the humanoid does the :LoadAnimation() function

You might wanna add your own animator in the humanoid first with this instead
local Animator =“Animator”)

Instance already exists inside Humanoid, even attempted your solution and still getting same behaviour

hey, can you post an image of all the instances (in roblox studio) present?