Custom Character auto respawn bug

I applied a custom rig to my character via player.Character = customRig. However, as soon as I update the player’s character, it determines that the custom rig is “Dead”? After the normal 4-5 second respawn time, the custom rig respawns to the normal character when I don’t want it to. Look at this video to better understand what I mean.

The character is rigged properly, and the humanoid’s health value is not zero.

Any ideas as to why this is happening?

i dont know, but a possible fix is to make your own spawn logic and disable “characterautoloads” in players

Well even if I did, if I initialized the custom rig, it’ll be the same problem as before, because there is no other way to set a custom rig through a script. Any other ideas?

idk try adding a invisible forcefield in the character???

That’s okay, I fixed it after trying forever. Though, I thank you for your suggested solutions.

I’m having issues with this as well, how did you fix it?

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Have you found any solution? I’m having the same issue… The Humanoid RigType of the Model is currently R15 same as the GameSettings, but still it respawns after some time.

I’d like to revive this topic - I’m also in search for a solution to this issue.

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Tell us how you fixed it please. I’ve been having this issue for a long time and I have found no fix for it.


The bug seems to be caused by parenting the character via script too early.

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This also happens for me, but that’s when I trigger it with a button that the player presses. Therefore, it can’t, at least for me, be because it’s too early and not loaded in. I created a new post where I describe more in detail how it works here, please check it out if you can explain why this happens.