Custom character colors changes when i put it inside a model

My custom character’s arms keep changing color when i insert all the body parts inside the model

(not inside the model)
This is what it suppose to look like, as you see the arms are the normal color

(inside the model)
and when i put it inside the model, the arm color changes but in the property tab, it still shows the first color

anyone know how to fix this color issue?


Even I had a strange but same error that in roblox studio when at forts i changed the arm colour and materials to diamond plated then changed the material to smooth plastic and published it then when the next day I opened studio it had changed to diamond plated again.i thought that it might have not published correctly then i made changes again but right after un selecting the part it changed its colour and material to diamond plated.

I guess for this error there is only one possible solution that :-

1. Select Multiple Parts With Same Colour And Material/Texture Using Cntrl or Shift Arrows .

2. While selected In The Property Window do The Correction in colour and materials/texture as required.

You will see that the changes have been applied to all the parts that were selected.

isn’t that due to the bodycolors

I don’t know what is happening with these meshes, I still cant change the color of the left lower arm but when i change the left upper arm color, it changes the color for the upper and lower arm, so whatever color i make the upper arm, it puts the same color for the lower arm

I might just close this post, Im not doing anything serious, just tryna get better at animating and blender