Custom Character Idle Animation

I recently made a custom character and I want to animate it.

Here is the Character:

Here is the Animation:

I’ve watched multiple tutorials and they all tell you how to make the player run / walk but none talk about the character being idle.
I’ve tinkered their scripts but none of them worked.

The animation is looped and it is set as “Idle”


Btw the animation looks really cool. :slight_smile:


press play and copy the animate script from your character in the workspace, then paste it inside of startercharacter and change the variables at the start and i think also the values inside of the script as well

that should work

this video does the same but my message is a sort of tldr if you know what i mean

Add a script into serverscriptservice and put these codes

local Players = game:GetService("Players")
local function onCharacterAdded(character)
	local humanoid = character:WaitForChild("Humanoid")
	local animator = humanoid:WaitForChild("Animator")
	for _, track in pairs(animator:GetPlayingAnimationTracks()) do
	local animateScript = character:WaitForChild("Animate") 
	animateScript.idle.Animation1.AnimationId = "rbxassetid://616158929"    -- Change the id to your animation id
	animateScript.idle.Animation2.AnimationId = "rbxassetid://616160636"    -- Change the id to your animation id
local function onPlayerAdded(player)
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