Custom character in StarterPlayer not working correctly


I have recently been having issues with using StarterPlayer for custom characters. Basically, whenever I spawn in, the character just seems invisible or something. If you look in the explorer the character is loaded correctly but is broken? Here’s my setup:


I suspect it to be a rigging issue though I’m not too sure. I don’t usually rig characters so this is a first time for me.

If you need help to rig the model I suggest you use a Plug-In called “Rig Editor” it’s very useful

Never mind everyone, I had LockFirstPerson enabled and I used freecam to see if the character existed, but the character was invisible because it thought I was still in first person.

Thanks for the help @Dede_4242

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That’s a problem that is also in-Game, Roblox should put a toggle for it

Also you’re welcome!

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