Custom character looses balance and jump physics is buggy

Hello! I am making an animal roleplay game. I tend to work with custom characters, however, I’m having a couple of issues with my new custom character.

The character tends to lose balance way too often.

As you can see, when players collide with other objects or players, the player seems to lose its balance, tips over, can’t move or jump for a second or two, and gets back up. I’ve found that turning some parts of the player’s character CanCollide to false did help, such as the legs and tail, but players can still well, make other players lose their balance. As funny as this was to knock people down and sometimes fling them, I do know it will turn into an annoyance for some players, especially since the bigger custom characters can fling smaller characters pretty well. I’ve noticed that it was the head of the character that caused the most troubles; such as the nose glitching into parts if you walk into it, the head catching onto a model and then tipping the player over. I know it’s a collision problem, but I’m just not sure how to fix it.

When a player is in shift lock or first person and tries to jump backward, the player kinda just… speeds up and shakes?

The only keys I’m holding down are the space bar and the S key. You can see the character shake a bit, and goes faster than normal in either left or right directions, even if you are only pressing S to go backward.

  • What are you attempting to achieve?
    I’m mainly focused on getting the first problem solved. Players being able to fling others around and tip over when they drag across something is going to start getting annoying for my players real fast :frowning: I’ve played other games that has custom characters as well, and these issues don’t seem to occur there, so I have a feeling it’s a fixable problem, but I can’t seem to find much info about this stuff or ways to fix.

  • What solutions have you tried so far?
    I’ve set some CanCollides off for the tail and legs, which did somewhat help. For the head collision, I have tried making an invisible part as the Head instead of the mesh itself since head collisions can’t be turned off, but then players would be able to stick their head into walls and that, and I’m not so sure if I’d want that to happen since it looks silly.

This is the link to the game so you can see what I mean > LGL 2 blox studio - Roblox
I suggest having a friend play too for the flinging/losing balance.

So, what can I do about something like this? I’m very inexperienced when it comes to Roblox physics and weights, so I’m kinda lost on how to fix these issues.
Thank you, I appreciate any help or info about this.


well it might be because its too heavy,i would recommend making everything massless


O hec, I never knew what the massless option did, but it worked! Knocked out that jumping bug, and as players are still somewhat able to lose balance, the chances of it have gone down a lot and players seem to get up faster. Thanks for bringing that up! I had no idea what massless was for!


I have never experienced the falling problem with Tiny customs rigs only big ones. but Try to make collision of on everything.