Custom character not facing the right direction

I have a character, rigged, everything was okay in the animating process until I came to a point where when using it as the starter character, the model faces in the wrong direction.


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Is the HumanoidRootPart oriented in the right direction?

Yes, it is and I have tried rotating it but when I re motor rig it, the whole model ends up rotating with it

May I see the model that you are using? There may be a problem with your rig.

EDIT: Actually, is the property AutoRotate set to true in the Humanoid?

Yes it is set to true

And nearly all my objects front surface is on the rightside and not the “character front”

Update: I am trying to re weld it but this time with all the parts facing in the right direction and this happens?

Why are you trying to weld it? Personally, I would just use a rig editor plugin.

Here are some rig editor plugins:


Also, your HumanoidRootPart front should be faced where ever you want your character to walk towards, as shown in the example above.