Custom Character not working

So, I have made a custom character. I was testing it out, with a free model, and studio rigs and stuff. But when I spawn in, the custom rig is equipped but I float in the air, and I’m not able to move. Please help.

I made a simple block rig, and edited it with some bricks to make some clothes/armor. Then I name is “StarterCharacter” and place it in “StarterPlayer” and click play. (please note the block rig has no animations in it.)
And when I press play, I can only see the sky or I’m stuck in the air unable to move my custom character.

Please explain more about your issue because from the current bio, neither I or anyone else can help you

There we go, edited the post.
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Check if anything in the rig is anchored. If you’re just floating there, that’s the most likely reason why.


The only thing that I could find anchored was the humanoid root part… Apart from that nothing is anchored.

The HumanoidRootPart shouldn’t be anchored. Unanchor it, and it should work fine.

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Hm… The root part seems not to be able to unanchor, and it’s quite weird.

What happens when you try to unanchor it? Can you record a gif/video?

I can’t even unanchor it. It just says it’s like always anchored and the “Anchored” button is staying the same. Could be a glitch, and no I can’t record a Gif I do not know how.

I’m a little confused what the problem is exactly cause it’s worded a little weird but I think you made something for your character to equip? You’re getting stuck in the air because whatever your character is equipping (be it a tool or clothes you made or something) is anchored. If you’ve got this in a handle, simply go in, weld it, and unanchor it. That should work. When you equip something that’s anchored, it (sort of) anchors your character as well. (Though it doesn’t technically anchor your player in the literal sense, it will suspend your character in random positions, often in the air)