Custom Character Rigging Issues

I am working on a cartoon type game where players can play as custom characters and I am having problems with the rigs. I am using roblox default animations and I have already gotten one custom character working. However, this specific custom character refuses to walk “normally” no matter what rig placements I perform. (See GIF below) Note that this is specific custom character is longer (taller) than a normal default roblox rig.

Is there a specific way I am supposed to rig this type of character?




I have already searched the dev forum for hours for solutions to no avail. I have tried rotating the humanoidrootpart and rebuilding the rig over and over again, with no success.

It appears like some of the limbs are just rotated in the wrong direction. I would not call adding accessories to a rig a “Custom Character”. I suggest changing your accessories into accessories and simply using the R6 rig unless you’re actually adding new limbs/pieces to it.

Here’s a thread that covers your use case:

That explains why I refer to it as a custom character, because I am not just adding accessories. That isn’t the problem. Additionally, the limbs are rotated in the correct direction, changing the rotation would mess with the shirt object and make the shirt look wonky.

Try to go to the parts properties and change the frontsurface to a hinge.

I’m assuming you mean the arms?


Tested it, same issue still occurs.