Custom Character Scaling Bug [Solved]

I don’t feel like my last thread was named or explained my issue very well.

I have made a custom character. I have added the Humanoid Scaling Values. My character has all the Motor6D’s set up but when I try to resize the character it just gets larger but doesn’t change position. So instead of the model getting taller as it gets bigger it just sits in the same position causing the body parts to go inside each other. This works on normal rigs, why am I having this problem? My model has everything a normal rig has…


Why dont you just try resizing first and then using the move tool to get everything in place?

I need it to be able to grow larger in game as the player plays. This works with normal models using the Values inside the Humanoid… So I don’t see why it is having problems with this? The Motor6D’s are in the correct positions as it animates perfectly well. I can easily resize this in studio but I need it to resize in game over time that’s why I need it to work.

Then if that’s the case im pretty sure it should go in #development-support:design-support

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Is this a design problem though?

I could take a look if you want to DM me the rig. If not, could you show me what you have in the explorer?

This is caused from the rig attachments, which are contained in each limb, to not update to their relative position based on the limb’s size. You also have to use BuildRigFromAttachments() (would recommend using the Lua port instead of the built-in method for humanoids). To get a better understanding and a possible fix to your situation, might I refer you to this topic I posted a while back asking a similar question:

You’re also welcome to use the code I posted about positioning each attachment relative to the part’s size.

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Thank you very much, I figured this out a hour ago but it took me forever to make all the Attachments. It’s working now!!!

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