Custom character slowly falls down after jumping and can double jump

so i have a custom character which is a marker and for some reason, it slowly falls down whilst jumping and can jump multiple times in the air

here’s a gif of the issue:

here is a picture of the HipHeight: (rig type is R6 by the way)

here is the model

why is that happening?

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I’ve experienced this same thing with normal characters before and found that messing with the jump height and potentially the gravity could fix the issue.

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after changing those properties a couple of times, no luck

I recommend trying to change the rig type to R15, because R6 is known to cause some issues with custom characters. I think I may have had this issue before, but I don’t really know

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still no luck, but i’ll keep it on in case any other problems occur

Darn, that’s unfortunate… Perhaps your humanoidrootpart is a bit funky today?

Did you ever get this fixed? I was reading a post recently and in the post was mentioned:

For starters, there’s some non-performance factors to consider. Welds and Motors rely heavily on Roblox’s Physics engine. This means you can’t use welds on Anchored parts, and parts you weld together will have different physical properties than they would individually. For example, if you weld 10 mid-size parts to your character, they won’t be able to jump as high, because the extra parts have made them heavier. Also Welds automatically update every frame, so you don’t need any additional code to make smooth part movement when using welds.

I see that you use WeldConstraints and I don’t really know what difference there is between that and welds but maybe this is your issue?

no, i never got it fixed and i didn’t really care about it because 1. it was going to be an AI, not an actual character and 2. i stopped working on the main aspect of the game for like a month

if i ever try to fix that issue, i could try your solution

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