Custom Character : Tool Problem


I created a custom character on Blender and imported it as Custom Character with Avatar Immporter in the studio.

I did some animations with it and I have not a problem with it but… I can not equip tools correctly.

I added an attachment in the right hand of my character.

And another atatchment in the handle of my tool (it’s a gun).

The problem is: the attachment is not in the hand when it’s running animation for example, I mean the attachment is still at the basic position when the character does not play any animation.

Animations :

Note: The priority is movement and it’s a R15 character.

Now, I will show you why I am saying that the tool does not “follow” the hand.

How can I fix it?

the attachments not moving may be because your character’s limbs are bones, that just adjusts the meshes’ looks instead of their actual positions

I don’t know much on how to do the mix between bones and parts, but there’s an example here


:sob: the example does not explain a system for tools.

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Be careful as the movement of Bones does not affect Collision or Physics. If you need other Parts to follow the motion of the Bones, you can use the Lua API (linked below) to read a Bone’s TransformedWorldCFrame on RunService.Heartbeat.

What ? Can you elaborate please ?

you’ll need to move invisible parts to match the positions of the limbs according to the bones
you could either connect a function to Heartbeat and cframe them each frame, or do an animation with those invisible limbs to follow the bones

Do you think if I use attachments at the position of the hand when I will play the animation of the tool it will work?

probably not, because attachments move with parts and the parts arent moving

You did not understand, the attachment does not move yes but if I set the position where will be the hand once I will play an animation for the tool.

what do you mean?
setting the position of what?

I set the position of the attachment where is the hand manually, I mean I have one attachment for an animation, another attachment for another animation, etc.