Custom Character Won't Play Animations

I am trying to make a custom character. I made an basic Walking animation, But it won’t play on my custom Character. The animation will Kinda run on a normal character correctly. (My Custom Character has parts that a normal Character doesn’t.) I have tried to modify the default animation script and read the page on the Dev Hub about custom animations.

I really need help with this.

.rbxl File

Here is the .rbxl game file. CustomCharacterWontPlayAnimations.rbxl (127.7 KB) Yes, This is the same game I needed help with before.

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I believe you could use this system but convert it to the active player instead of an AI. Or maybe use this video series (Part1) (part 2).

Both are the same link. 30 Characters.

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The default anim script checks for specific Motor6D names to reference when it first runs. If your joints aren’t named as such (i.e. “Right Shoulder”, “Left Shoulder”, “Neck”, etc.) the script will stall indefinitely.

You should probably change the “run” animation id too. That’s the actual animation that plays when your character moves.

I still have the same issue with new animations and a new character.

I FINALLY FIXED IT! I just needed to add a Right Shoulder, Left Shoulder, Right Hip, and Left Hip!