Custom Characters Collision

So me and my friend recently started to work together and for the first time ever, ive encountered a bug with the StarterCharacter.

Ive done a lot of changes, even setting everything to collide, and changed collision box to Box.
Ive tried resizing and so on, however no matter what I do, whenever I walk without jumping, I walk right through parts. Mean while, when I just collision fixes itself magically. Yet, once you land and move around without jumping, you can walk through things.

Any ideas as to why this could be happening?


From what I can see your issue is related to this thread.

As a quick fix you can either rename a part to Torso or disable RunningNoPhysics on spawn (i.e utilising the .CharactedAdded event. (check above thread).


Will try these fixes, thank you. If it works ill mark your message as the solution.

Ok yeah that worked, I feel extremely stupid now. Anyways thanks for the help ^^!

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No reason to feel stupid, instead go drop a like on the above thread to show it is still an ongoing issue impacting your projects progress :ok_hand:.

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Will do!

Yeah, definitely not your fault – there are probably 100s of cases in the engine where humanoids rely on named parts, and only 2 of them are documented. As mentioned on the other thread, this is awful behavior, and every time you encounter one of these cases, you should file as a bug.


I will no doubt file them as bugs.