Custom characters without humanoid features

I’m wanting to make a custom character, that it’s a humanoid (ie, no arms/legs/etc.)

After following this tutorial

You get a model that just loads in the world. The camera is frozen in place though (not on your character, and you can’t move your character either. Do I need to code in my own camera and movement??

I don’t know much about creating custom characters, but I’m pretty sure you would have to script the player movement and camera movement. And if you want to play animations with a humanoid, you will need a AnimationController (unless you wanna do procedural animation, tweening the motor6ds and stuff).


I just noticed that I misread your post, I thought you wanted a non humanoid StarterCharacter. If you are making an R6 character look at the R6 default dummies motor6d skeleton. If you are making an R15 character look at the R15 default dummies motor6d skeleton.

U should attach all the Parts with Motor6D, Attach them to the torso or HumanoidRootPart

Oh yea, forgot to mention that lol.

The tutorial you followed forgot to mention to add a Humanoid object into the StarterCharacter folder, once you add the Humanoid object you should be able to move and the camera will follow as normal

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