Custom Characters

I’m having trouble figuring out the whole custom avatar thing. I am slowly gaining more skills within blender, and attempting to create custom characters… however the biggest thing is not the bodies themselves, but custom mesh clothing that goes over the already existing bodies, such as in World/Zero, or Kingdom of Heringharr. My guess is body attachments, which to my own embarrassment am having trouble consistently getting things to actually stick to players through attachments. Can anyone help? Or possibly give me some ideas? :smile: Thanks!!

If you know how to script this is a method you can use

I created Armor on top of premade base rigs


I put the Armor Parts into the relative rig BodyPart it is for, like so


Whenever I want to equip armor I clone a armor then weld all of the Armor Parts to the relative rig Body Parts and then weld the relative rig Body Part to the relative part inside of a Player’s Character

my code isn’t perfect and you can’t simply copy and paste it but you could possibly understand the idea more if you know how to script

Code I used
function module.PhyEquipArmor(Player, ArmorType) -- Puts armor on the character
	local Data = DataModule.GetData(Player)
	local TempData = DataModule.GetTempData(Player)
	local Character = Player.Character
	if Data.Armor[ArmorType] and Character then
		if TempData[ArmorType] then
			module.UnequipArmor(Player, ArmorType)
		local Model = Data.Armor[ArmorType].Model:Clone()
		Model.Parent = workspace
		for Name, BodyCloneObject in pairs(Model:GetChildren()) do
			for _, BodyCloneChild in pairs(BodyCloneObject:GetChildren()) do
				local Weld ="WeldConstraint", BodyCloneChild)
				Weld.Part0 = BodyCloneChild
				Weld.Part1 = BodyCloneObject
				BodyCloneChild.Anchored = false
			local BodyPart = Player.Character[BodyCloneObject.Name]
			BodyCloneObject.CFrame = BodyPart.CFrame
			local Weld ="WeldConstraint", BodyCloneObject)
			Weld.Part0 = BodyCloneObject
			Weld.Part1 = BodyPart
			BodyCloneObject.Anchored = false
		Model.Parent = Character

so basically welds, at least for the route I took
Plus you can use Accessories for the other stuff;