Custom Chat firing the .Chatted event

Hello! I am working on a custom chat gui right now and I wanted to know if theres any way of firing the .chatted function when a player chats. I know I can just read the input when the player sends a message but I want to use admin and I believe that relys on the .chatted function. So is there any way I can trigger the .chatted event by using a custom chat module or do I have to create my own admin? Any help is appreciated

The newer chat system, which has a ton more features including the ones you need.

But how would I actually use that to fire the .chatted event?

You could create a new speaker or you could retrieve an existing one and fire this event.

The documentation tells you exactly how the .Chatted event is fired

Unless you’re referring to Player.Chatted?

Yes, I am reffering to the player.Chatted event

This seems to be handled by ChatMain modulescript of Roblox’s chat.

--// Sends signal to eventually call Player:Chat() to handle C++ side legacy stuff.

the moduleApiTable is later connected to C++ side using CoreGuiChatConnections SetCore

I don’t recommend doing that, but if you still want to then the solutions are below.

You can either:

  • require the ChatMain module and fire the internal event
local message = "Test"


  • replace Roblox’s chat bridge (NOTE: This solution completely breaks Roblox’s chat - it gets hidden and is no longer usable)
local chatEvent ="BindableEvent")

game.StarterGui:SetCore("CoreGuiChatConnections", {ChatWindow = {MessagePosted = chatEvent}})
-- Line above may error. Make sure to use pcall when using it and retry