Custom Dialogue code system needed

I’m in need of NPC dialogue code that’s easy to read and scale.
Essentially a dialogue system in a starterplayerscripts, and dialogue ‘sets’ in modules that have all the info and stages in them.


The player walks up to an NPC and presses E to start a dialogue
ReducedLocalInteractionV3” handles E to interact and “NPC_ContactModule” handles displaying all information from the NPC’s “Criteria” Module.

At the moment the code I’ve written is only capable of linearly going through one stage of dialogue and is incapable of creating dialogue choices based off the NPC criteria (and current stage which the player is in).

This demonstration is the only functionality I have so far (that’s present within the current system).
Dialogue stages are meant to be used for quests (so if you finish stage 1, stage2 will begin and then you’ll get dialogue choices that could lead you to getting a quest from said NPC)

I also have more (minor) functionality included in previous versions of my dialogue system which I’d like to be included in the rewrite.

The code for all demonstrated functions will be provided.

summarized: The whole idea of the job is that you rewrite the “Criteria” and “NPC_ContactModule” scripts.

The new system needs to be tested with 2 use cases: the camera related features which have been displayed above, and a basic quest that’ll require you to touch a brick and return to the NPC to complete it.

I’ll pay 20k robux including taxes upon completion. (since I’m unable to pay via group funds)

If you’re interested or know someone who might be, you can contact me on:
Discord: Maxx_J#7549
Twitter: @Maxx_JNM
or here on devforums!

Thanks for reading!

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