Custom Donation Amount

I’ve spend about 3 days creating this and I’d love some feedback!!

I’ve made a custom donation system for a portfolio I am making - I coded all of the back-end stuff myself and I am using Firebase to host my own web api so I can make this possible.

Please let me know what you think! I’m quite proud of myself :slight_smile:


That is pretty neat! This would be an excellent community resource, if you decide to open-source it :wink:

Regardless, amazing work. Excited to see where it goes!


This is super cool! It’s amazing that you made this possible, plus the UI and it’s animations are immensely clean. Keep it up!


Neat. but you should use an AWS server.

does this estimate the donation amount or does it do it exactly? if it does the exact amount you’re a genius
edit: i also like how you synced the donate gui with the purchase prompt

wait how th did you do that? TELL ME NOW

I’m using Firebase because it’s completely free and it’s the service i’m most familiar with.

It does the exact amount! It creates a new developer product each time (if that price doesn’t exist already) by sending a request to a web server and then that web server will create a new product with the appropriate price and it will return the ID back to roblox.


Wow, this is very impressive! This is so much better than Roblox’s donation system.

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Yeah but when you have the money, the servers are cheap and much more convienient.

my friend has one and its cheap, yet its good and enough for him

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No difference. Fire base is meant for real-time API access.

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This could be the start of something huge! I’ve never seen true custom donations on Roblox until now.

What if a lot of people donate? Will it spam developer products? Does the server lag from processing all of the payments?

Yes - for now a new developer product is made for each donation, however it shouldn’t be too hard to use existing products, I just didn’t get round to doing it. (plus I didn’t really see the point for my use)

If we’re talking Roblox server, nope! It processes the exact same way any other developer product would.

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Here’s an overly indepth tutorial on how I made it…