Custom Error Panel

I’m creating an admin panel for my game, and I’m trying to gauge whether I should use a custom error handler in my scripts. This error handler would need to display error messages to the client if something’s wrong, as well as log it to a developer admin panel section for us to look at.

I’d need to write the actual code for the handler instead of using a built-in function (hopefully xpcall will help with this if I have to use pcalls) first, but I’d like to know: is this reinventing the wheel? Should I be redirecting errors from the LogService to the panel instead of making my own (I’m doing that to make the errors more comprehensible)?

TL;DR: want to use a custom error handler for readability, but unsure about: a) necessity; b) if I’m reinventing the wheel; and c) other use cases for a custom error handler.

You may wan’t to check out this post, it’s a custom developer console panel that has the some of the functionalities that you want. You can view the open-sourced script that the post provides.

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